And so it has happened: Super Bowl XLIX has come and gone. Well done, New England Patriots! You got out there, played your best ball, and in the end you scored more points than the Seattle Seahawks. While the Super Bowl itself might be old news now, the commercials will live on forever. At least a few of them will. Others… man, we wish we could already forget. Which yes, we admit it, means it is the height of hypocrisy that wrote an article about those very same wretched Super Bowl spots below, but hey, you gotta take the bad with the good.

Alright, we’re sorry to gave to do this, but it’s part of our job description, people, and we take our work seriously. Each and every Super Bowl results not only in a losing football team, but also in a crop of commercials filled with its share of losers too. And for Super Bowl XLIX… here they are…

The 5 Worst Commercials of Super Bowl 49

At number 5 we have this rather uninspired commercial from, their “answer” to their pulled “Journey Home” spot, “Working”

The number 4 not-so-good-at-all Super Bowl XLIX ad is the not-so-memorable Microsoft ad called “Estella’s Brilliant Bus”

Up next is a commercial that is so painfully not funny it’s well, like we said there… it’s painful. Sorry Mercedes, it’s the truth: “Fable” wasn’t funny.

Then in the number 2 spot we have this commercial from Fiat. Just watch “Blue Pill,” there’s no need for any commentary from us more than this: um… it’s not funny.

And here it is, folks: the very worst commercial of Super Bowl XLIX, a spot that had no business being in the Big Game and one we fully encourage you to forget by February 2nd. It’s “Make Some Noise” from Lexus, the worst ad of Super Bowl XLIX!