Alongside those interceptions, that weird juggle-bobble-almost-dropped-ball-catch-thingy, and a brawl at the end of the game (real nice by the way, guys… real nice), there was some great football action during Super Bowl XLIX.

And there were some great Super Bowl commercials, too. We’re not going to say we say anything like Apple’s truly iconic 1984 Super Bowl commercial, but there was indeed some greatness in there during XLIX’s commercial breaks.

Oddly, our pick for the best ad comes from a company that also ran some duds during this game; not Top 5 Worst Commercials of Super Bowl XLIX bad… but not good. But fortunately we’re mature enough to be objective and look at each commercial as its own entity.

You’re your own judge, of course, but if you feel like listening to the professionals, then here without further adieu are…

The Top 5 Best Commercials from Super Bowl XLIX!

In the number 5 spot of the good stuff, we have Dove’s #RealStrength ad. We’re still not huge fans of the narrator they chose for the end of the ad, but man… the feels radiating off the screen during the first 23.5 seconds are amazing!

For our number 4 pick, we chose the least funny, most profound, and arguably most important ad of Super Bowl XLIX from

Back to lighter-hearted fare (yes we know it’s “lite fare,” this is a food-related ad, so we pun-ted, get it? And THAT was a football pun, get it!?) with this commercial from the Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Contest, it’s our old favorite, “Middle Seat!”

At the number 2 slot, and a close contender for the best commercial of Super Bowl XLIX (but in life there’s gotta be a winner and a runner-up, even when it’s close – it’s time you learn that, kids) it’s “The Brady Bunch” by Snickers!

And for our money, the best commercial of Super Bowl XLIX was… big surprise… “Lost Dog” by Budweiser!