The Super Bowl LII ad for online retail, brick-and-mortar grocery, and general world domination power house Amazon is a power house of a Super Bowl commercial, and is a sure contender for best of 2018. That’s partially so simply thanks to the raw star power of the ad, which features everyone from Anthony Hopkins to Cardi B to Gordon Ramsey to Amazon founder and CEO Jeff Bezos himself.

But the 2018 Amazon Super Bowl commercial manages to succeed beyond so many other celebrity-studded ads because it doesn’t merely rely on cameos by famous folks, but is indeed a funny premise in and of itself.

The ad imagines what would happen if the company’s digital assistant Alexa needed a replacement. After watching “Did Alexa Lose Her Voice?” you’ll be glad she didn’t, unless you want a stately but creepy British man talking to you every time you need quick answers.


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