We’re back! And we’re fired up, because oh baby, this is gonna be a good one: On Sunday, February 7th, Super Bowl 50 kicks off at San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium.

And to be very clear, this is not Super Bowl L… this time, the NFL is dumping the Roman numerals and going with good ‘ol numbers (AKA Arabic numerals):


While the NFL season is well underway, it’s way too early to tell which teams will vie for the title in this “Golden Super Bowl” (so named both for its location in California, the Golden State, and for its fifty year significance). However it is safe to say that the San Francisco 49ers, home team of Super Bowl 50’s Levi Stadium, will likely not be in the game. Sorry, Frisco, but at time of this writing, their record is 2 wins to 5 losses so…yeah.

So far we can tell you that famed announcers Jim Nantz, Tracy Wolfson, and Phil Simms (who played 14 seasons in the NFL, FYI) will be the voices of the game, and that NFL commissioner Roger Goodell has promised to make Super Bowl 50 a “spectacular.”

With such an auspicious occasion as a 50th Super Bowl, 2016 also promises to see awesome Super Bowl commercials. It’s too early for us to tell much about what to expect from Super Bowl 50 commercials, but suffice it to say that any advertisers who get into the golden event are going to want their money’s worth…

…have you heard what a 2016 Super Bowl commercial costs? Check back here for more info on that soon. Hint: it’s a LOT.

(“Super Bowl 50 logo” by Source (WP:NFCC#4). Licensed under Fair use via Wikipedia)