2105 has been a rough year for Volkswagen.

Once the darling of most everyone everywhere thanks to charming ads like the famous “The Force” Volkswagen Super Bowl commercial from 2011…


…today VW is reeling in the wake of one of the largest scandals in the history of the automobile industry, with their stock value plummeting from above $250 a share in April of this year to around $100 at the time of this writing.

Not that we feel for the carmaker, exactly: when you deliberately fabricate information about emissions and trick millions of consumers into buying Diesel cars that are polluting much more than they think, you don’t get much sympathy.

Still, we must grudgingly admit that we’ll always have a soft spot in our hearts for the brand that brought us so many charming Super Bowl commercials over the years. How can you stay angry when you watch “Get In, Get Happy?”


Here’s a humble suggestion, VW: if you really wants to win back the customer base, you need to turn things all the way up to 11. Or rather… 5 million.

Yep, that’s the price of a 30 second Super Bowl commercial during 2016’s Big Game. Volkswagen would have half a minute to tell more than 111 million people (based on viewership of Super Bowl XLIX) that they were sorry, and that they were working to earn back our trust and our business.

And one more thing: if you want to win us back, let’s not see another ad like this flop from 2014’s Super Bowl: