Though Super Bowl 50 is still more than 3 months from kicking off, it looks like the Big Game’s Halftime show is already taking shape.

The rumors are flying and it’s hard to separate fact from villainous lies, but from cross-referencing several sources, here’s what we think the breakdown will be:


Bruno Mars… Maroon 5… or both?

(Sorry, we can’t show you the actual halftime show due to licensing issues, but here’s um… here’s someone else watching it, and that’s… that’s just as good….)

Based off a well-received performance during 2014’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, it looks like Bruno mars may well be the main attraction yet again.adam levineAdam Levine and his plucky mates in Maroon 5 have hinted at a possible appearance during Super Bowl 50, and the heavily-tattooed frontman has been forthcoming with his interest in doing so. (Wait… so you DO want to play the biggest televised event of the year? OK, got it. Just checking.)

Featured Band/Performers:

There’s a good chance Coldplay will be backing up/playing alongside the halftime headliner of Super Bowl 50, but we’ve also heard rumors that Beyoncé may shimmy out as well. Wouldn’t that would be a great duo, Bruno and Bey? (And yes, we do feel a little bit sick right down to the very fibers of our soul for having just written “Bruno and Bey.”)

Possible Alternates:

There are also rumors flying about that British gutwrench–er–heartthrobs One Direction may take the halftime stage before they apparently go on hiatus in 2016. So um… enjoy them if that happens and good luck with the One Direction withdrawal…

Coming off the success of her latest single “Hello,” songstress Adele is another name we’re hearing.

There’s also a rumor that venerable metal band Metallica will make a showing during Super Bowl 2016, but come on now: that’s… that’s no good. metallica-super-bowl-50

As for 90s alt rockers Better Than Ezra, there’s no chance in hell they’ll play. Which is too bad, because those guys made some damn fine music.

better than ezra

Seriously, re-visit ’em!