You knew they wouldn’t miss next year’s Big Game, right? The annual Doritos Crash the Super Bowl is coming back for 2016’s Super Bowl 50… but it looks like it won’t be back the year after that.

This year, there are two telling words added to the contest’s name. This time around it’s:
Crash the Super Bowl
Final Edition

It’s sad to think that one of the most exciting opportunities for amateur filmmakers is really going to end after Super Bowl 50, but that looks like the case. That said, the finalists have only gotten better each and every year, and this Final Edition promises to see some epic entries.

Will they live up to the simple, perfectly executed gag of last year’s Crash the Super Bowl co-winner, “Middle Seat?”

Or to the excellent production value (and charming bespectacled chap) of 2015’s other winning entry, “When Pigs Fly?”

We still have a few weeks to wait until we start to see this year’s submissions (and who really cares until 50 semifinalists are announced), but if you want¬†to enter the Super Bowl 50 Doritos Crash the Super Bowl Final Edition (now that’s a mouthful) you’d better do it fast: the submission period closes on November 15th.

Finger CleanerStand by for more¬†classics like “Finger Cleaner.”

(It’s a great ad, but one that we still can’t watch without cringing… thus the still image.)