While we don’t yet know who will be the star performer of the Super Bowl 50 Halftime Show, we know damn well who was the breakout sensation of 2015’s Super Bowl XLIX: Left Shark.


Wait, you don’t remember Left Shark? Well, to assuage your severe case trivial pop culture-withdrawal (not a serious affliction; don’t worry), during last year’s Super Bowl Halftime Show, star Katy Perry’s “Left Shark” backup dancer (so named for it was a backup dancer dressed as a shark and standing stage left of the songstress) went rogue during a dance routine, flailing his flippers to a tune all of his own and stealing the show:


The ensuing feeding media frenzy was nothing short of… odd. When you watch the infamous Left Shark clip, you can see that the guy misses some choreography and looks kind of funny. That’s that. How this moment inspired hashtags, A New Yorker column, mentions on major news outlets, parodies, and more? How it launched a Twitter feed that’s still active today? All because a Super Bowl halftime shark flailed his flippers? That’s just strange.

Yet, while strange indeed, in his own way, Left Shark
is hard act to follow. Good luck, Maroon 5 and/or Bruno Mars and/or Cold Play or whoever ends up playing halftime at Super Bowl 50. You’re gonna need a bigger shark… maybe one you can jump over….