Ending a flurry of speculation and a passionate write-in campaign by members of the Metallica Fan Club, CBS has offered a headlining performance to the venerable rock group Metallica, who will also be joined by the ascendent musicians of the band Cage the Elephant.

Here we see an "Elephant" uncaged
Here we see an “Elephant” uncaged

But the bands won’t be headlining Super Bowl 50. Instead, they’ll play a show at San Francisco’s AT&T Park the night before the Big Game. The event will be called The Night Before, in fact, but another way to think of it is… a concert performed on Saturday February 6th, 2016. There’s nothing inherently “Super Bowl” about playing a concert in a different venue on a different day, but hey, whatever works. The arrangement has made Metallica frontman James Hetfield feel like they are “involved somehow” at any rate.

(Metallica is a local band in Frisco, see? Cage the Elephant was formed in Kentucky, in case you were wondering.)

Tickets start at just $50 a piece, and they’ll be on sale as of 10 AM PST on Friday, November 6th. So hurry over to Ticketmaster.com (or don’t) and (sort of) be a part of the Super Bowl festivities!