Now don’t you worry, you can still see each and every Super Bowl commercial the way you were meant to, here on our site! Or of course you can just watch Super Bowl 50 and see the ads on TV in real time. But during next year’s Big Game, you’ll have another way to see the ads: a livestream from CBS.

For the first time ever, in 2016 the CBS network plans to show Super Bowl commercials online at the same time (or with a very short delay, maybe about 30 seconds) as they air on television. So you folks who say “I only watch the Super Bowl for the commercials” can finally enjoy the ads without all that pesky football cluttering things up!

This added exposure is one of the reasons CBS is able to command such huge prices for advertising time during Super Bowl 50; even people without a television can watch the Big Game commercials on a computer, tablet, or even a smartphone while still enjoying the magic of live “TV.”

A livestream of Super Bowl commercials might seem like a bold leap into the future, but in fact might CBS just be catching up with the times? After all, entire livestreamed football games have already happened this season.