So far, we only know of a few companies that are definitely planning to air commercials during 2016’s Super Bowl 50, though word on the street is that CBS has almost sold out every available Big Game time slot. It’s no surprise that Coca-Cola and Anheuser-Busch InBev (once merely known as Budweiser – sigh) will run ads, and of course we’ll see consumer-created commercials from Doritos and Intuit.

We’ve recently learned that automaker Kia is coming back to Big Game yet again, this time planning on running a minute-long ad during Super Bowl 50’s third quarter. No word yet on the creative plans for the Kia Super Bowl commercial, but in the past they’ve scored big with ads such as this Matrix-themed ad from 2014’s Super Bowl XLVIII starring none other than Morpheus (AKA Laurence Fishbure) himself:

Also returning to the Super Bowl will be the main ingredient in the beloved chip dip guacamole, the avocado. This will be the third consecutive year the company Avocados from Mexico has run a Big Game ad. While their brand’s name has the subtlety of a dump truck, at least their commercials have been solid so far. Here’s last years: