And then there were three!

Intuit QuickBooks has announced the three companies that have entered the final round of competition in their annual “Small Business Big Game” contest. One of these lucky, plucky brands is going to have an ad air during Super Bowl 50.

So, who will it be? The clothier that wants to see a little more leg? That would be San Francisco based Chubbies Shorts, a brand that promotes a “Sky’s out, thighs out” campaign to bring back the shorter men’s shorts:

Will it be the coffee company that set out to make the world’s strongest cup of joe, the Death Wish Coffee Company of Round Lake, NY? (You know they would have gotten Charles Bronson’s vote, anyway.)

Or will it be Aurora, NY’s Vidler’s 5 & 10, a small business that has catered to the same small town for 85 years? Can you imagine what it would mean for this mom n’ pop shop to be seen by tens of millions of people? Because we bet they can…