According the CBS, almost every single Super Bowl 50 commercial slot has sold out already. That means the prices for the remaining bits of airtime will likely creep even higher than the $5 million bucks the broadcaster has been demanding for thirty seconds of airtime.

Quoted during a conversation with media watchdog group Ad Age, CBS’ chairman Les Moonves said: “With just a few [commercials] left to sell, you can imagine what these last few slots will go for.”

Yes, we can imagine it indeed. Fifty billion dollars each! And while no, surely that’s not the actual figure, Mr. Moonves said we could imagine it, so that’s what we’re doing. Super Bowl commercial prices have risen an average of more than 11% each and every year this decade; who knows if that trend will just keep on going. (A single Super Bowl’s ads already cost much more than the annual GDP of many nations!)