Leave aside the astronomical price of a 2016 Super Bowl commercial for just a moment, and let’s instead talk about the price of a Super Bowl 50 ticket. Because… it’s large. Very large. As in nosebleed seats priced in the thousands. As in several blocks of seats selling for five figures.

Here’s a diagram of the various seating areas in San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium:

Yours For a Price
Yours For a Price

Do you see those seats way up there in Zone P? The ones in bright yellow, such as 401 or 420? Yeah, those sell for more than $3775 each, not to mention the $15 “Local Pickup” fee that gets tacked on.

Now, see the seats in, say, block 142 or 119? Those are a bit more expensive. As in they cost only $2000 less than the price of a brand new Nissan Versa (a car most reviewers give fine marks considering its cost, by the way). Yes, those tickets will set you back $10,875 each, again with an added service fee.

So what’s the takeaway lesson for the day?

All things Super Bowl are VERY expensive.