You know you’ve arrived when your show gets the coveted slot following a Super Bowl. Not that there was much doubt that Stephen Colbert had arrived. Wonderful Pistachios doesn’t just stick anyone off the street in their Super Bowl commercial after all:

Also, CBS probably wouldn’t have chosen Mr. Colbert to take over its vaunted “Late Show” if the Comedy Central veteran weren’t a hilarious man and the very definition of a household name.

Still, despite all the success Colbert has already enjoyed, and despite the “Late Show” being one of the best known programs on American television, landing the slot after Super Bowl 50 is still a huge deal: millions of people who would usually not tune in for a late night talk/variety/comedy/interview-style show will be veritably glued to their couches, overloaded with processed foodstuffs and beer. The de facto captive audience means a huge potential viewership for the “Late Show with Stephen Colbert” in its unique post-game time slot, and may perhaps win converts who will be won by his charming style and always witty banter.

Banter like this, (sorry to get political – it’s in the water these days):