Um… we don’t know who will compete in the 2016 Super Bowl. No one does — how could anyone be sure? 2016’s Super Bowl 50 is still more than two and a half months away! We can tell you with certainty a few teams that won’t be playing in the next Super Bowl, such as the Baltimore Ravens, the Dallas Cowboys, and Washington Redskins… but how could we possibly make a correct prediction about which teams will face-off on the gridiron of San Francisco’s Levi’s Stadium on February 7th, 2016?

By sheer… dumb… luck. And a cursory review of current stats.

So… here’s the “official” (quotes because, y’know, what does that even mean?) 2016 Super Bowl Matchup Prediction from! Super Bowl 50 will see…

Patriots vs. Panthers!

If we’re right, awesome; pure sporting brilliance. If we’re wrong, we’ll just release some sniveling statement about how all we really care about are the Super Bowl commercials, anyway.