The automobile maker Hyundai is no stranger to the Super Bowl.

Indeed the company has run ads during many past Super Bowl broadcasts, and a few of them were big hits, like the “Dad’s Sixth Sense” 2014 Super Bowl commercial:

This commercial resonates with anyone who has kids. If you don’t wince/smile/gasp at least once while watching it, then you, sir/madam, are not a parent. Wincing/smiling/gasps from non-parents is still welcome, of course.

During 2016’s Super Bowl 50, Hyundai is upping their ante: the company is an official sponsor of the 2016 Super Bowl, and they’re putting their ad campaign in high gear to match their new status. Hyundai is reportedly planning to run a 60-second commercial in the coveted pre-kickoff slot, then to air two 30-second commercials, one during the first quarter, and another during the second quarter.

That’s a lot of airtime… and a lot of cash spent! It proves yet again how much brands still believe in traditional television commercials, so long as they run at the right time.