2016’s Super Bowl 50 just got a bit sweeter: Mars Inc. has announced that their beloved Skittles brand of candy will be running their sophomore Super Bowl commercial during 2016’s Big Game. The brand made a big push during 2015’s Super Bowl XLIX (that’s Super Bowl 49, for the record – the one before 50), running a teaser featuring a bevy of half-butch townsfolk:


Which led up to this add:


Which um… was strange, sure. But funny? Yeah, but not exactly “ha ha” funny. Still, the brand clearly knows what they’re doing: Skittles is the most popular candy among American youth, and the second most popular chewy candy overall, after Starburst (those chewy, delicious devils).

No word yet on what ad agency DBB has planned for the 2016 Skittles Super Bowl commercial, but we’re going to make an educated guess here and say it will be weird.