Well… dammit.

It’s official: there will be no charming Budweiser puppy commercial during Super Bowl 2016. The company has released a statement announcing that, while its 2014 and 2015 canine-centric commercials, titled “Puppy Love” and “Lost Dog,” respectively, were hugely successful from a popularity standpoint, according to Anheuser-Busch InBev US Marketing VP Jorn Socquet, they had “zero impact on beer sales.”


So instead of lovable, charming dogs, you can expect the Budweiser Super Bowl 50 commercial to be something more like the on-the-nose second ad they ran during 2015’s Super Bowl 49:


But take heart, while Bud’s Super Bowl 2016 commercials won’t have dogs, rumor is they won’t be entirely devoid of animals: the iconic Clydesdale horses just might be making an appearance.

(Hey, we didn’t even editorialize over how ridiculous it is to ironically compare a pale, nearly tasteless lager to the rich, bountiful flavors of craft beers! Good for us!)