When the web design and hosting services company Squarespace released its first Super Bowl commercial back during the 2014 Big Game, they were taking a big gamble. At the time, few people outside the tech world had heard of the company, despite the fact that it was just past its 10th “birthday” at the time.

The first Squarespace Super Bowl commercial would change the brand’s status, bringing it into the minds of the tech layperson.

The comical and relatable ad (relatable for anyone who has ever done anything online, anyway) strikes a chord, with its images of popup advertisement overload. And clearly the company liked what it did for them, because they came back the very next year.

However, during the 2015 Super Bowl the Squarespace commercial took a radically different turn: rather than depicting information overload, it took a decidedly minimalist approach. It featured Jeff Bridges chanting and playing a singing bowl next to a sleeping couple. And that’s… it:

So… what will the 2016 Squarespace Super Bowl commercial entail? Based on those two extremes, we have absolutely no idea. And that’s pretty exciting.