With the next round of voting currently under way, the semifinalists in the last ever Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest are just days away from being announced. We’ve spent some time sifting through the submissions and have unearthed a couple we think might just have a shot at advancing, if not going all the way to “score” commercial airtime during Super Bowl 50 next year.

First, here’s a 2016 Doritos Super Bowl contender that touches on the current pop culture love for the living dead:

And then there’s this ad, also very much of the moment with its online dating theme and its general comfort with sexuality:

We like that one because hey, it’s pretty funny, and because we also appreciate the production value. This feels like a professional commercial, and as seasoned commercial viewers, that’s a baseline expectation for a successful ad, whether it was created by amateurs or not.

And then finally we have this little ad, submitted by filmmakers from Mexico:

It probably has less chance of making it to the finals than the young goalie it features had of blocking that kick, but it’s a charming ad made with heart, and it has a nice message or two tucked into its 30 second runtime. So just sit back and enjoy the commercial, called “Looking Out For Number One.” It may not run during Super Bowl 2016, but we’re glad to have given it just a bit of life here.