The National Football League is slated to make a big announcement this Thursday, December 3rd. That’s the day they will officially reveal who will be headlining the halftime show for 2016’s Super Bowl 50.

Sources seem to indicate that British rockers Coldplay will most likely land the lead act, but Adam Levine’s band Maroon 5 is still very much in contention as well. Perhaps they’ll share the stage? (Coldplay has a new album coming out in the coming days, FYI, which only adds to their chances.)

taylor-swift Singer/songstress Taylor Swift is also having her name batted around, though she is a less likely choice, especially given the artist’s announced plans for taking time off in 2016. Headlining a Super Bowl halftime extravaganza is sort of the opposite of time off, you see.

Another Brit very much in the news right now, Adele, is a long shot, dark horse possibility: her recent album has shattered record sales records (heh), but so far her potential Super Bowl performance as been nothing more than idle speculation from the media peanut gallery, with no one from her camp making any actual indication of its possibility.

Our guess? Coldplay with some special guest you don’t even see coming yet. Maybe… Hammer? No… probably not. But hey, that would be quite a show.