And then there were 50!

The 50 submissions selected as semifinalists for this last-ever Doritos Crash the Super Bowl contest, that is. You can go to the official Crash the Super Bowl website right now and view all 50 of the semifinals ads, or you can just trust that we have made superlative selections and stick around here.

First, let’s show you an ad we think is well made and pretty funny, and has a fair shot at advancing to the finals. This spot, titled, “The Experiment,” is good for a laugh. It’s a cheap laugh, but that still counts:

Next, here’s a spot called “Block It Out” that is, well… it’s good. It uses humor based specifically on the product — that’s Doritos, FYI — to advance its narrative and promote its brand, and its production quality is professional grade:

With the good… comes the bad. We hate to be critical (sorta…) but frankly, we’re not really sure what this ad is doing in the semis. What do you think of “Party Size Bro!!”? The joke is OK; the execution? Not quite up to snuff!

And then of course there’s… the ugly. “Sharing” comes to use from Down Under (that’s Australia, for the five of you who didn’t know) and it’s… well, it’s funny in its own way, but also prettttttty ugly: