People like collecting things, and people like football. People especially like collecting things associated with their own personal favorite football team. And when that “thing” they are collecting just happens to come filled with beer? Well, that’s just the icing on the cake! Even if that beer is only the marginally tasteless pilsner we know as Bud Light.

Bud Light is starting its Super Bowl advertising early as per standard, getting way out in front of 2016’s Super Bowl 50. As is also standard with marketing initiatives these days, they’re moving outside of traditional advertising and branding (e.g. TV ads, the web, and print) and getting into actual sales space.

Starting today, December 7th (which is important for other reasons, not for this), Bud Light will be releasing beer cans emblazoned with the team logos of every NFL squad that has won a past Super Bowl. These new cans also feature the Roman numerals of each past Big Game. Thus it is that fans of teams like the 49ers, victors in multiple Super Bowls, have a lot of collecting to do. Fans of other teams, like the Browns, Lions, and Texans, for example… will not.

CANEvery football fan can also enjoy the special Super Bowl 50 Bud Light can, which will be emblazoned with the golden Super Bowl 50 logo.

Who will win said match? Well, we’ll drink to them in time.