Variety may be one of the best-known, best-trusted names in entertainment-related periodicals, but do they have the 4-1-1 when it comes to Super Bowl commercials? Take a quick look at this article recently released on the website titled Best and Worst Ads of 2015: Commercials Stopped the Super Bowl and Ruined Our Morning Coffee.

You’ll notice that the article is in fact focused on much of the entire year’s advertising, but they do pluck out a few notable Super Bowl spots for mention. First look at their take on Nissan’s so-called “sad ad” (that was actually titled “With Dad”), which the editors felt was tapping into a general sense of malaise and even depression sweeping America at the time.

Indeed the commercial gives the ol’ heartstrings a tug, but what it doesn’t do is make us want to buy a Nissan. It also doesn’t repel from the brand, it just sort of… exists. It’s almost like its own mini film with narrative as purpose rather than brand identity or desire.

But now let’s switch gears to another vehicle-related ad that aired before 2015’s Super Bowl XLIX. This seems to be the one that most impressed Variety. This pre-game spot for Chevrolet ran once, yet garnered tens of millions of views and thousands of mentions via social media:

Now if that’s not successful advertising and perfect use of the Super Bowl phenomena, then nothing is.