Tired of that ol’ junker sitting there in your driveway? Well then why not consider the latest edition of the Acura NSX “supercar” that will start hitting the roads in 2016? Acura is certainly hoping consumers will consider their NSX, at any rate: the automaker is returning to Super Bowl advertising for the first time since 2012 with their just-announced NSX Super Bowl 50 commercial.

And hey, want to know something funny? Guess what car was hyped the last time there was an Acura Super Bowl commercial? Yep… the NSX. And what an ad it was, featuring non other than TV’s Jerry Seinfeld and with a surprise appearance by Jay Leno! And the Soup Nazi!? Check it out:

So yeah, it’s going to be hard for Acura to beat their own Super Bowl commercial this time around, but with a bar set that high, we’re sure excited to see them try!