Looks like this whole “Internet” thing is here to stay, huh folks? In an exciting first, online pay processor PayPal will be airing a Super Bowl Commercial in 2016. In just over a decade (well, 13+ years since their 2002 IPO), PayPal has grown from a curiosity used almost exclusively by eBay shoppers into a serious player in the wider financial field.

In fact, since officially splitting from auction giant eBay less than a year ago, PayPal has made clear its aspirations to be an international player used for both commercial and private transactions on myriad scales. PayPal’s VP of Global Brand Marketing, Greg Fisher, told interviewers that PayPal wants to see a “reimagined financial world.” Soon enough, that wallet in your pocket will be old fashioned. As for those shoes you’re wearing? Those you might want to consider updating now-ish.

PayPal is going big with their Super Bowl 50 commercial: the spot will run for a full 45 seconds and is slotted to play during the first quarter of the game. All eyes are still on the screen then, and PayPal is counting on those eyes to convert to customers. Because… that’s what advertising is all about.