If you want to attract attention to your upcoming Super Bowl commercial, a commercial for which you paid two million bucks for airtime, you might as well go big. So how did Nestlé “go big” to hype their 2016 Butterfinger Super Bowl commercial? By having a man jump out of a plane! But… y’know, he was wearing a parachute, of course.

The Glendale, California based candy brand hired professional sky diver Carson Schram to leap from an airplane soaring 12,000 feet in the sky as a teaser for their Butterfinger Super Bowl commercial, which is going to launch a new “Bolder Than Bold” campaign they hope will drive sales of Butterfinger Peanut Butter Cups.

“Butterfinger delivers a truly bold trifecta–a bold yellow wrapper, a bold brand personality and a bold, gets-stuck-in-your-teeth eating experience,” said Ms. Kristen Mandel, a Butterfinger brand manager. Now, we like the taste of a Butterfinger as much as the next person, but we also hate the way it gets stuck in teeth as much as everyone else. That’s something we would have left out of our quote, but anyway, best of luck to the sweet lil’ cups, dental frustration aside.

We have yet to learn just what content the upcoming Butterfinger Super Bowl commercial may feature, but we’re pretty certain it will be comedic. Remember their first Super Bowl ad from back in 2014?