Welcome to the Big Game, LG. And say, that’s a nice TV! In fact, you would be hard pressed to find a TV with a more crystal-clear image than the 4K LD OLED television. Rich colors, perfect 3D, great contrast ratio, the whole nine yards. So how much does one cost? FIVE THOUSAND DOLLARS!? Whoa… OK, we’d better just get two, then.

ScottsThe 2016 LG Super Bowl commercial, the company’s first, will be directed by Jake Scott, the man behind several other notable Big Game ads including Budweiser’s famous “Lost Dog” spot. He also happens to be the son of and collaborator with legendary director Ridley Scott, the man behind multiple motion pictures, not to mention the brain behind the “1984” Apple Super Bowl commercial, still hailed by many to be the greatest Super Bowl commercial ever.

We don’t have much information to share on what the actual LG Super Bowl commercial will be like, but in case you’re a techie into the actual item being advertised, here’s a loom at their awesome yet exorbitantly¬†priced 4K television: