Well hi there, Honda! We haven’t see you around these parts in years! “These parts” is to say the Super Bowl broadcast and “years” is to say… two years. After sitting the 2015 Super Bowl out, Honda is back for Super Bowl 50 early next year.

The last time the carmaker ran an ad, rather than opting for glamour shots of fast cars or tough trucks, they let Mr. Bruce Willis deliver a touching message about valuing the safety of those you love. Willis was feeling the love himself in the 2014 Honda Super Bowl ad, being as Fred Armisen had his arms wrapped around the action star for the whole of the minute long spot.

We don’t yet know what angle the Honda Super Bowl 50 ad will take, but a more action-packed ad wouldn’t surprise anyone: the 2016 Honda Super Bowl commercial will be all about their forthcoming 2017 Ridgline, which is still under wraps prior to its debut at Detroit Auto Show in January. So for now, here’s what the 2016 model looks like. (It’ll probably be just about the same, anyway.) honda