You’ll get a kick out of this: what do web hosting/publishing and site development platform, the forthcoming feature film Kung Fu Panda 3, and the Super Bowl all have in common? Why, a commercial, of course!wix-kung-fu-panda-3 and DreamWorks Animation have partnered up for an epic Super Bowl 50 spot that will feature the beloved characters from the Kung Fu Panda series shilling for  And the timing couldn’t be better: the third installment in this charming film series hits theaters on January 29th, just one week before millions of Super Bowl viewers will see Po (that’s Mr. Kung Fu Panda himself, FYI) and his plucky friends… build a website, we guess?

At any rate, the commercial itself is being created by DreamWorks Animation, and if their smash hit films (they also made Shrek, remember, to mention just one) are any indication, this Super Bowl ad will be a success. And it will also represent quite a departure from the 2015 Super Bowl commercial, which was the company’s Big Game debut. Remember that ad from Super Bowl XLIX? It was all about the NFL, and featured retired legends like Brett Favre, Emmitt Smith, and T.O.