Welcome to the Big Game, Colgate! 2016’s Super Bowl 50 will see the debut Super Bowl commercial for this venerable, trusted toothpaste brand, but interestingly enough, the “advertisement” itself won’t even focus on the product.

Colgate has announced that their Super Bowl ad will be more in the style of a PSA (that’s Public Service Announcement) than in the vein of a traditional marketing spot. The civic-minded company surely wants you to buy their products, but on February 7th (the date of Super Bowl 50, for the record), instead they’ll be talking about conserving water.


Did you know that simply turning off the faucet while your brush your teeth could save as many as 3,000 gallons of water a year? Well, you do now. And if you happen to forget that statistic between now and the broadcast of Super Bowl 50, then you and a hundred million or so other Big Game viewers will be reminded then. If you do the math, assuming a modest viewership, this PSA-style ad could have a huge impact:

110,000,000 (Super Bowl Viewers)
x         3,000 (Gallons Fresh Water)
330,000,000,000 (Gallons Saved!)

Yep, that’s approximately 330 BILLION gallons of fresh water saved each year, if only each and every viewer of Super Bowl 2016 heeds Colgate’s message. And if the feel-good “halo effect” works here, then the company should see a serious sales boost, too.

(For the record, we don’t have any clips of the creative content from the Colgate Super Bowl commercial yet, so the video we’re showing is from a similar campaign they launched in South and Central America.)