Steve Harvey blew it. Big time. And he knows it.

For the three or four of you out there who choose to read books rather than tabloids, here’s what happened: Harvey, host of the popular (albeit crushingly inane) TV game show Family Feud hosted the most recent Miss Universe Pageant. At the exciting conclusion of the (ultimately rather dated and pointless) program, Mr. Harvey somehow managed to read the wrong card, and crowned Miss Columbia the winner of the competition, only to discover moments later that Miss Philippines was the rightful winner.

Steve Harvey

Harvey was much abashed and took to the airwaves and to social media, issuing heartfelt apologies. (Hey, we forgive ya, guy, we don’t care that you made an honest mistake! In fact, we don’t even care… at all, really.) But with that very public flub might have come an opportunity for making serious lemonade: Harvey has been approached by multiple brands that seem keen on using his mistake to create levity during a 2016 Super Bowl commercial!

Snickers is one brand apparently courting Harvey, and based on their strong Super Bowl commercials from the past, we think there’s potential comic gold here!

Remember this classic from the 2015 Super Bowl?

Now, before we get too excited, let’s also remember some other Steve Harvey moments, because while we can forgive an innocent mistake for which an honest apology was made, we’re less keen to give a pass on intolerance like this:

Yeah… we spun out of a “gasterous” ball… clap… clap… clap.