British rock band Coldplay is officially signed on as the headline act for the Halftime Show of Super Bowl 50, that much we know for sure. We also know that Super Bowl headliners tend to bring along some pretty huge names to play alongside them (consider the Red Hot Chili Peppers joining Bruno Mars on stage during the 2014 Super Bowl Pepsi Halftime Show).

BEYIt’s a good bet that Chris Martin and Coldplay will be joined on stage by someone… and now it seems like that someone may well be Beyonce.

Why? Because apparently the pop diva (can we accurately call her a “pop diva,” by the way? Certainly that’s more accurate than calling her a boll weevil, at any rate, so let’s go with it) has been rehearsing something in the most clandestine manner… and also because she added vocals to the Coldplay album Head Full of Dreams that released mere weeks ago.

So we think it’s a safe bet that the 2016 Super Bowl Halftime Show will see Coldplay, Beyonce, fireworks, and lots of Pepsi logos. (Not that you can really bet on that in any actionable¬†way.)