You can almost set your watch to the certainty of a Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial. The soft drink juggernaut has run commercials during most every Big Game of the past few decades, and many of their spots have entered the pantheon of great Super Bowl ads. Others have been flops. Still others (well, at least one) have created serious controversy.

Today, let’s take a look at a few of the more memorable Coca Cola Super Bowl commercials. Do you have a favorite Coke ad? Did the “America the Beautiful” spot set your teeth on edge? Or… are you actually a Pepsi fan?

We led off with the 1979 ad many people still think is one of the best Super Bowl commercials ever, the Mean Joe Green Coca-Cola Super Bowl ad. It’s still cute all these years later, and for anyone who remember’s Mr. Green’s reputation, it’s still pretty amazing.

Now, of course many years have seen the beloved Coca-Cola Polar Bears Super Bowl ads, so there was no way we’d leave them out. Here’s 2013’s Coke Super Bowl spot, which is a fine (and charming) example of all the company’s ursine-themed ads:

Now let’s face the fury: this is the “America the Beautiful” commercial from the 2014 Super Bowl broadcast. Some people had tears in their eyes when watching it, touched by the wondrous diversity it showcased; other people were almost made to vomit with outrage at an ad that dared to embrace the fact that not everyone in America is an English-as-a-first-language, Christian, conservative type. Your thoughts?

Up next, we have “Heist,” a Coca Cola Super Bowl commercial from 2009’s Super Bowl XLIII that actually won an Emmy Award! It’s a great-looking spot, but we can’t say we’re that much more thirsty after watching it:

And last for today, remember this ad, called “Chase,” from 2013? Serious budget here, and there was a huge hype campaign leading up to the spot, too. But um, in our humble opinion? This spot is… not… good.