Tax day is coming, folks, but you still have a few months left to procrastinate. Super Bowl Sunday will be here in just a few weeks, however, and on that day, TurboTax is hoping to make a big pre-tax day splash with their game day Super Bowl commercial. In the lead up to Super Bowl 50, Intuit (the program’s parent company) is putting out a series of teaser ads geared toward stirring up excitement for their Big Game commercial and intended to solidify the brand’s place in your mind.

The theme of the first TurboTax Super Bowl commercial teaser is… nothing. As in it costs nothing to file your taxes using Intuit TurboTax. Look, even celebrated physicist Michio Kaku says so:

Or perhaps you’d prefer to take your tax-filing advice from Nobel Prize-winning astrophysicist Dr. George Smoot? This gentleman did, and he learned that the whole filing process can be pretty simple, really:

The overall theme here is pretty obvious: TurboTax makes doing your taxes pretty easy. Just note that only Federal filing is free, and if you want to do much itemizing, or you work in a non-traditional manner (freelance, small business owner, etc.) then… it might not be as easy as all this. (If a Nobel laureate shows up to help, though, then you’re set.)

Who will be featured in the actual Super Bowl 50 TurboTax commercial? We’re not sure yet, but we’re sure it will be a big name! They got some heavy hitters just for the teasers, after all. Who do we want to see? Stephen Hawking. Probably too much to ask, but man would the be amazing.