No, we don’t mean a “very small” Super Bowl spot, we mean a Mini spot. As in a Super Bowl commercial for the Mini auto brand. That’s right, these pint-sized little fellas are back in the Big Game for the first time since 2011! The 2016 Mini Super Bowl commercial will apparently feature a few models, making it more about the brand than about a specific vehicle, but we here their Clubman will be making an appearance:

The Clubman

Pop Quiz Time: what is the parent company of the Mini Cooper brand? Why, none other than Bavarian Motor Works, FKA simply BMW.

The 2016 Super Bowl will not feature an ad for BMW itself, though the company did run this commercial during last year’s Super Bowl:

Ah, what good sports Couric and Gumble are! While not a fall-out-of-your-seat laughing type of ad, last year’s BMW i3 commercial has some staying power. Which, in our humble opinion, is more than can be said for most ads, so kudos, BMW.

As a counterpoint, remember this 2011 “Cram It In the Boot” Mini ad? Neither did we (and sorry for the low image quality, the Internet seems to have cast this one off as well, by in large):