Well, we’d love to tell you all about the 2016 Taco Bell Super Bowl commercial, but… we can’t! Oh, we’ve read the press release the company just released, but… well, why don’t you go ahead and take a look at what Taco Bell has to say about their own Super Bowl 50 ad, and you’ll see what we don’t know.

OK, you read it? Good then, of course you know the redacted Taco Bell Super Bowl 50 commercial briefing is tongue-in-cheek and meant to entertain, not actually to obfuscate their plans. From this comical marketing teaser, we’re going to go ahead and guess that this youth-oriented brand has not abandoned humor as their main selling tactic for the 2016 Super Bowl. Humor, though a bit of it on the border of bad taste (TWO puns intended, yes indeed!) has certainly been their selling strategy during past Super Bowls.

Shall we take a look at a few of the ads Taco Bell has aired during Super Bowl broadcasts in the past? Starting off with 2013’s “Viva Young”:

Then we have this ad from way back when, AKA Super Bowl 41, which isn’t that edgy, but isn’t without its charm:

And then a bit of a fiesta to round things out: