So, you though Buicks were just for the old folks, ey? When you think Buick, you think of a big ol’ white sedan with Florida plates and a tendency to drove too slowly in the left lane? When you think Buick you, for some reason, get a tingly itch on your left knee that travels slowly down to your ankle and doesn’t seem to go away when you scratch it? Well, that last thing may be peripheral neuropathy, and you should probably see a specialist…

But as for perceptions of GMC’s Buick car brand, it’s time for a reboot! Last year, Buick sold an estimated 1.2 million cars, and their vehicles are fast becoming favorites in both the domestic and the international markets. And if you need real proof, beyond hard sales figures and qualified industry analysis, then just consider the fact that during the 2016 Super Bowl Buick is running their first ever Big Game commercial!

We don’t have any details on the creative approach of the Super Bowl 50 Buick commercial, but we do know it will feature the first convertible the carmaker has offered in decades, the four seater (four seater…? OK, Buick…) Cascada, a vehicle they already offer in Europe under GMC’s Opal brand.

In lieu of video or stills from the actual upcoming Buick Super Bowl 50 ad, here is some footage of the unique 2+2 seater Buick Cascada: