It looks like Ronda Rousey is swinging her way back into the public spotlight! After her (first ever) defeat to Holly Holm, former UFC bantamweight champion Ronda Rousey is reportedly filming a Bud Light Super Bowl commercial. Rousey was already famous for her amazing fighting prowess, but society being what it is, her name was seldom heard more often than when she was defeated. (Yes, our video selection perpetuates that, noted.) But a Super Bowl commercial? That’s the real win, Ronda. That’s a bigger audience that any UFC match, period.

The spot (again, these are rumors, but film crews were spotted shooting scenes of Rousey in LA, and there was plenty of Bud Light paraphernalia around) will also feature comedian Amy Schumer, as evidenced by this photo released by Schumer:

Rousey Schumer

Actor Seth Rogen will also be in the commercial. Rogen is no stranger to Super Bowl commercials himself, as you might recall, though to be honest, the ad in which he and actor Paul Rudd starred wasn’t exactly Academy Award material:

Really, the guy whose not an A-list actor is the only really funny part of the 2013 Samsung Super Bowl commercial. Go figure.