tpainbioMINI is going all out for their first Super Bowl commercial in five years. The car brand is running a thirty second spot during Super Bowl 50, and apparently they’re packing no fewer than six well-known celebrities into that half minute ad, which is slated to air during the third quarter of the Big Game.

tony_hawkThe 2016 MINI Super Bowl commercial will feature both sports stars and A-list celebrities, with legendary tennis champ Serena Williams headlining the crew. Williams will be joined by retired MLB great Randy Johnson, by soccer star (also retired) Abby Wambach, by rapper (and auto-tune enthusiast) T-Pain, by skating superstar Tony Hawk, as well as by famed actor (and card-carrying badass) Harvey Keitel.

Harvey-Keitel_400x400Now… that’s an impressive mix of folks, but also an unusual selection. We hear that the ad is going to feature several cars from the MINI lineup, so perhaps they’re trying to suggest that there’s a MINI car that’s right for everyone? We don’t have a lead on the actual “creative” of the MINI ad yet, but it might have something to do with this teaser spot featuring Serena Williams discussing her life, her reputation, and her yellow, check-top MINI.