We haven’t gotten a look at the Super Bowl 50 Mountain Dew commercial yet, but we know the brand’s first Big Game ad since Y2K (remember when people called the year 2000 “Y2K” and worried about things like the “Internet?”) is going to be a funny one! How do we know that? Well… the marketing team from Mountain Dew’s parent company PepsiCo said so. The purportedly amusing advertisement will shill for the company’s Kickstart brand of energy drinks, and will feature four exciting new flavors they have just announced:

  • Watermelon – OK, that makes sense
  • Blood Orange – Very specific citrus choice, but a good one
  • Blueberry Pomegranate – Again a specific blend, but we’re still cool here
  • Midnight Grape – Aaaaaaand you lost us. is that a grape variety? Or an allusion to the Spanish New Year’s Eve tradition of eating grapes as the year changes over?

While Mountain Dew hasn’t been a part of the “proper” Super Bowl broadcast for more than a decade and a half, they company did run a pregame ad during last year’s Super Bowl Sunday. If that ad (take a gander above) and the unequivocal press release issues by the company are any indicators, the 2016 Mountain Dew Super Bowl commercial should indeed be good for a laugh.