OK, please just pretend we inserted the obligatory “Sweet Emotions” joke here, and then we can Get a Grip on the actual topic at hand. As if we would go for such low-hanging fruit? Dream On. That’s totally Livin’ On the Edge. Or… yeah anyway…

Aerosmith’s own frontman Steven Tyler has filmed a Skittles commercial destined for the Super Bowl 50 broadcast, and frankly we can’t think of anything sarcastic to say. Tyler is a respected musician who has proven himself willing to break molds, to poke fun at himself, and who still rocks out even well into his sixties; Skittles candies are tangy and delicious (yes, Skittles, we accept cash or candy), and the brand has proven itself capable of amusing and often original marketing campaigns. So we’re genuinely enthused by this partnership and excited to see what they come up with!

Now… to be frank, we thought last year’s Skittles Super Bowl commercial was weaker than many of the ads the brand had put out over the years. You be the judge… here’s the 2015 Skittles Super Bowl ad:


And then we have a spot featuring a Skittles cloud that does… things. Your thoughts: