B is for Branding, as it turns out!

Avocados from Mexico, the company with a mouthful of a name and an ever-larger profile thanks to its Super Bowl commercials, has teamed up with none other than the venerable children’s program Sesame Street to help promote healthy eating… but mostly to help promote eating of avocados. Avocados… from Mexico.

The company has already released a spot starring a few of the most famous “cast members” from Sesame Street, like Elmo and Cookie Monster. The spot also features Chef Patti Jinich of the PBS show Patti’s Mexican Table. So will they stick with this winning formula for a Super Bowl ad? We think there’s a very good chance. Last time around, they went for humor…

This year maybe they’ll go for charm and family-friendly education on the health and taste benefits of the avocado. Or maybe they’ll take it in a totally different direction, but if we had to guess… Elmo.

(And side bar, the rumors are true: Sesame Street really has moved to HBO. New episodes premier there, and only become available via (free) PBS many months later. We’ll see how that all goes.)