If there’s one thing you can veritably set your watch to, it’s that a Super Bowl broadcast will always feature plenty of beer commercials. A Big Game without beer ads would be like an aquarium without fish! Or cake with no icing! Or a… thing… that usually has another thing but… this time doesn’t and it’s kind of disappointing. Just stick with the aquarium one, that was good enough. Quit while you’re ahead, kids.

Take heart, of course the 2016 Super Bowl is going to have beer commercials, and we already know a fair amount about a few of them, too! This year will feature a Budweiser ad, as per standard, though the “King of Beers” has dropped their charming puppy theme for 2016, but will still showcase their famed Clydesdale horses. As we mentioned earlier this week, Michelob Ultra will also be returning with a Super Bowl 50 commercial.

And of course what would a Super Bowl be without some wackiness from Bud Light? Enjoy this teaser the company recently released:


And we also have word T.J. Miller will be starring in a Shock Top ad. So… see any connection between all these different Super Bowl beer commercials? What’s that you say, they’re all brands owned by AB InBev? Ding. You got it.