Remember a few weeks back when we told you LG was going to run its first ever Super Bowl commercial? Well back then, all we knew was that venerable movie-making legend Ridley Scott was producing the spot, and that his son Jake Scott was directing it.

Actually we also told you that the commercial was promoting the South Korean tech giant’s OLED TV, an advanced 4K television that costs several thousand dollars per unit. Well now we can tell you something even better: the LG Super Bowl commercial will star none other than actor Liam Neeson! Yep, Mr. Rob Roy himself!

Liam-Neeson-in-Rob-Roy-001(The guy had a career before Taken, you know? And for the record, Rob Roy is a great movie, and one that was unfortunately eclipsed by Braveheart as THE Scottish movie. Though… to be fair Braveheart is damn good too. OK, now we’re way off topic.)

In a spot titled “Man From the Future,” this man from Ballymena, County Antrim, Northern Ireland will extoll the virtues of this ultra modern TV. We’re assuming, anyway: the LG Super Bowl commercial teaser is indeed a tease, sharing very little specific information other than to tell us that the OLED TV will change everything. So… stand by for everything you know and hold dear to change, then.