You could be forgiven for not knowing who T.J. Miller is. At least, this month that much is true. Next month, you might find yourself playing the role of social pariah if you happen to reveal your lack of Miller savvy. That’s because Miller is not only co-starring in the upcoming major motion picture¬†Deadpool, but because the comedian is also starring in the upcoming Shock Top Super Bowl commercial. And also, he seems quite insistent that you should know who he is:

For the record… yes, we get it. He’s being ironic. And hyperbolic. And with apologies to North Dakota, this teaser is quite amusing. So well done, Shock Top (a subsidiary brand of AB InBev, yes of course), you have us excited for your Super Bowl ad! Though the actual Super Bowl commercials are usually much more watered down (pun? It) than their teasers thanks to necessary consideration taken for such a large audience. Oh well, our attention has still been gotten.