Hey, look what’s back in the Super Bowl again! It’s Terrell Owens and Butterfinger! As you might recall, Terrell Owens fought through injury to play for the Eagles in 2004’s Super Bowl XXXIX, though his team lost to the New England Patriots that year.

Owens was also of course in the Wix 2015 Super Bowl commercial, for which he did some classic teaser work:

Well this year, Butterfinger is following up their past Super Bowl commercial marketing blitzes with a campaign called #BolderThanBold, in which T.O. and comedian Billy Eichner run around New York making people feel awkward:


The clip has its moments, though most of the humor comes from Eichner, not Owens (NFL players need to be good at football, not humor, of course). And at any rate, there’s a good chance this wacky guerrilla marketing whatnot won’t even have anything to do with the 2016 Butterfinger Super Bowl ad. Here’s what they did in 2014, to refresh your memory (and tantalize your sweet tooth):