Have you ever heard of a healthful, nutritious, delicious beverage called Bai? No, neither had we. And neither have tens of millions of American consumers. But all that is going to chance on Sunday, February 7th, when Bai joins the hallowed ranks of brands featured in Super Bowl commercials.

This is a big gamble, but from a company that uses the marketing slogan “None of This Makes Sense,” it seems like a fit. Bai claims each serving has just five calories, is rich in antioxidants, and tastes great. That’s the “math” that’s not supposed to “make sense.” Does spending $5 million for airtime during CBS’ broadcast of Super Bowl 50 make sense for Bai? We’ll see.


In the meantime, feel free to test the brand’s claim yourself by sampling one of their flavors, like Jamaica Blood Orange or Waikiki Coconut. Or you can take a look at a review someone else has already released:

That may not be an official review, but the guy speaks his mind.