If you live or have ever lived in Europe, then chances are you already know the Henkel brand cleaner Persil ProClean well enough. That’s because the detergent has been available internationally (or nationally to you, if you’re reading this article in most European nations, or in fact in as many as 60 different countries where the detergent is already sold) for well over a century. In fact it was first released way back in 1907.

ProClean first went on sale in America just last year, and now in early 2016 the brand is looking to make a big splash, becoming your choice brand to wipe out #GameDayStains (don’t hold your breath for that hashtag to go viral) thanks to the first ever Persil ProClean Super Bowl commercial.

ProClean has released a teaser touting itself as “The Professional” cleaner. Are you enticed? Then go to PersilProClean.com and find a retailer selling this pro-grade cleaner near you! Still on the fence? Then tune to CBS at 6:30 PM EST on 2/7/2016 and see if the Persil ProClean Super Bowl ad scores.

Here’s the teaser, in case you missed it up at the top of the article…